Founded in 1997, „ZADIG&VOLTAIRE“ is a French Fashion House has created and established a new idea of luxury and has been able to build up a solid consensus among customers all over the world, giving life to a real community of loyal supporters.

Thierry Gillier, founder of the brand, tooks inspiration for the brand’s name from the philosophy, charismatic and brave protagonist of the novel „Zadig or The Book of Fate“ by Voltaire.

Pure and precious materials, extremely creative and unic fabrics play a major role in the brand’s collections, especially the cashmere, the cult fiber of the House, Thierry Gillier modernized the way it was worn, revisited the cuts and customized the versions through the inscription of messages or names in colored intertia, genuine identifiers of the universe of rock ’n’ roll often used by „ZADIG&VOLTAIRE“, like the skull or the angel.

Faithfull to its universe, „ZADIG&VOLTAIRE“ developed in the meantime its own collection of accessories, bags and shoes before creating the DELUXE collection, guided by a desire for French excellence and exception.